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If you’re anything like us, you understand that your career is what you do to pay for real life. But that doesn’t mean you don’t take it seriously. Whether you’re a C-level executive or a solopreneur, Urban Upscale offers original content and valuable tips to support your grind. That’s how you afford the good life.

6 common leadership mistakes new managers make

A “new leader” may be someone new to management or an entrepreneur with a new staff. If you’re a new leader (or used to be) avoid these common mistakes that many new managers make.

Will we be okay without these 5 companies?

The unforeseen events of the beginning of 2020 have us readjusting our lives in so many ways. We have children that go to class without leaving their bedrooms. We have a brand new level of tension when we grocery shop. We have an uncertainty about the near future that is unprecedented. ”Will my college student […]

Back to business

Whether you’re a corporate executive or entrepreneur, almost all businesses were impacted by the covid-19 epidemic that swept across the United States in 2020. Unless your industry is healthcare, grocery/essential retail or online shipping, it is very likely that your business slowed significantly during the first half of the year. In some cases, local or […]

Trailblazer or token: How to excel when you’re an “only” in the workplace

Many of us have been there. You get the education, you put in the work and you finally get that executive role. It’s been part of your career plan for years. You start the job and it’s everything you thought it would be–almost. But you quickly realize you have very few colleagues who look like […]

Stop worrying about it and just prepare for it.

Many of us have worked hard and smart. Hard enough and smart enough that we have all the trappings and we pay for our children’s braces and we pay for their college tuition and we plan on that not too far off period where we can just deep sea fish or hop a plane across […]


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