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3/5 of a Man? Imagine that!

There is a seemingly new awakening of the national conscience regarding race. This national conversation has been prompted by what seems to be “one injustice too many”. There have been tragic losses of life recently that have ignited an increase in both a universal cohesion as well as a brazen hatred not seen in decades.  […]

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2 Plates. 3 Questions. Part 1

If you could have lunch with three people that you currently have absolutely no chance of breaking bread with…Who would those three people be?  This is not a new question. Quite frankly, this is a topic that has been written about by better scribes than myself. But since I have this website and since I […]

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This is worth the risk

This is my most personal article to date. I tend to not divulge life stories to the world but some stories just need to be told. My wife and I are best friends. I know that this post may cause problems between us because I didn’t confer with her before publishing this article and we […]

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This is NOT what Urban Upscale was built for…

This is NOT what we do. Our intent with Urban Upscale is to create a destination that is an informational and entertaining site based on our education, experiences and hopefully sound advice. We do not offer opinions about politics nor do we editorialize on controversies. We want to be a source of happiness and edification.  […]

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The Whammy

wham·my • /ˈ(h)wamē/ (noun) – A secret power possessed by “Him” that is used to make a regular, already happy situation change into BOOM. I will share this with everyone now as this secret has gotten too big to keep to myself and, apparently, there are still non-believers out there. This can happen at a […]

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