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Vodka showdown, part 2

In our last vodka taste test, we compared Tito’s, Grey Goose, Stolichnaya and Ketel One. The results may have been predictable to some depending on your personal taste. We couldn’t wait to conduct part 2. Any guesses as to which brand won? The brands. For this latest vodka taste test we included Absolut, Belvedere, Ciroc […]

Your throwback road trip playlist

No matter where you’re travelling the choice of a great soundtrack makes it more memorable. This is especially true for road trips. Urban Upscale has created a Spotify throwback playlist especially for our audience. Click and enjoy!

Your best cookout menu

As we ease into summer and enjoy more time outside, the thought of cooking out is pretty appealing. That is, until you think about the work involved. While your guests are enjoying adult beverages on your back deck, you’re getting your steps in with multiple trips to the kitchen to prep food for the grill. […]

2020 Graduation: Ideas to celebrate in style

Saturday’s #graduatetogether program reminds us that the Class of 2020 is resilient and prepared to go out into the world and make a difference. Here are some creative ways to celebrate them during the coronavirus outbreak.

Back to business

Whether you’re a corporate executive or entrepreneur, almost all businesses were impacted by the covid-19 epidemic that swept across the United States in 2020. Unless your industry is healthcare, grocery/essential retail or online shipping, it is very likely that your business slowed significantly during the first half of the year. In some cases, local or […]

What my mom taught me

As Mother’s Day 2020 approaches, I naturally think about the role motherhood has played in my life. I became a mom nearly 20 years ago. Prior to that day, if you would have asked me if my mother loved me I would have said “sure” and not given it another thought. It was only after […]

Oxygen needs to last all day

Almost 25 years ago, my wife and I went on a wonderful trip to Aruba (This was before I knew that she was going to be my wife. SHE knew it. I just didn’t). Living on the adventurous side of the “life fence”, we decided to try out scuba diving. The excursion offered a one-hour […]

Vodka showdown, part 1

“Ketel One and tonic, extra lime.” That’s my usual drink order. Ketel One is my favorite vodka and has been for years. The first time I tried it was at a Ketel One tasting event and I was surprised by how smooth it was. Smooth enough to drink straight, which is not at all my […]

What’s the deal with TikTok?

So I have to admit it. I was against TikTok. The last thing I needed was yet another video platform to show me useless information created by people that have too much time on their hands. Then the lockdown happened. “Stay home, stay safe” was the right thing to do, but after 4 weeks at […]

Purchasing a little peace of mind

With all of us being as safe as we can be during these trying times, a lockdown or “Shelter in place” order can get pretty old pretty quick. There are times when we feel like a walk around the subdivision or a bike ride in a park just doesn’t last long enough and before we […]

“Second” City. Really?

Anyone that has visited both Chicago and New York City for reasons other than business knows that the term “Second City” is a nickname that is very apropos. New York is undeniably one the the world’s urban marvels. But if you have been to Chicago, like REALLY been to Chicago, then you might often wonder […]

Starting them young

Early experiences can have a lifelong impact. Whether it’s traveling, dining out or other family experiences, exposing younger children to various activities helps them grow into well-rounded adults.

10 Tips: Staying sane during the coronavirus outbreak

So we’re all dealing with coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. You don’t have to be sick with the disease to be affected by it. The closure of retail and restaurants, cancelations of events and national sports, these all serve as daily reminders that life is very different these days. And the support you would normally […]

The Bloodiest.

A cocktail that offers the opportunity to include literally a hundred different ingredients, has as many different tastes and hues, is always refreshing and intoxicating and also gives you your daily recommended supply of numerous vitamins? There is only one. The Bloody Mary. Here we will explore what makes a good Bloody Mary a good […]

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