Trailblazer or token: How to excel when you’re an “only” in the workplace

Many of us have been there. You get the education, you put in the work and you finally get that executive role. It’s been part of your career plan for years. You start the job and it’s everything you thought it would be–almost. But you quickly realize you have very few colleagues who look like […]

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Building and managing your personal brand

If you’ve built a professional reputation that has fueled your career and your lifestyle, then you likely have created a personal brand that’s served you well. The question is, was it intentional or happenstance? And are you managing your personal brand for the next level? Okay, that’s two questions, but equally important. A personal brand […]

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10 Resources: Building your personal brand

Whether you’re in senior management or you just got your first promotion, building your personal brand is an ongoing endeavor and is definitely worth a more in-depth examination when you have time. For now, we’ve curated a list of 10 useful links to help keep your personal brand on track. 10 Keys to a Memorable […]

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Career podcasts you should know

For busy career professionals, balancing work, family and other commitments is a constant juggling act. If you’ve been able to master this mix of competing priorities, good for you! You clearly know what it takes to keep all the plates spinning while maintaining a harmonious homelife and a successful career. But with your busy schedule […]

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