wham·my •

/ˈ(h)wamē/ (noun) – A secret power possessed by “Him” that is used to make a regular, already happy situation change into BOOM.

I will share this with everyone now as this secret has gotten too big to keep to myself and, apparently, there are still non-believers out there.

This can happen at a hotel counter where I pay for a regular room and then “magically” the clerk gives me a suite for free. It ain’t magic.

When, on the second morning of a wonderful trip to Aruba, I see an ad in a book for a moped…Sneak out and rent one before she wakes…Come back to the room with two helmets and the remaining 5 days are spent by exploring the island in the ultimate convertible and parking right at our TABLES at open air, seaside restaurants. The thing wasn’t that I got a moped. The thing was riding all over an island for the rest of the week in perfect 80° weather with her holding my waist and parking at tables that were right next to that sapphire blue sea and learning how this trip was MADE by that red scooter. 

That wasn’t magic either though.

It could happen when, while eating at Paisano’s in Little Italy NYC, a song is being played but no one is singing “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…” But then everyone in the restaurant sings in unison “”That’s Amore!” and I look up and it seems like they are all singing to us! 

That wasn’t magic or even “Amore”.


We can have a great day at the Detroit Jazz Festival, see one of our favorite performers, be unexpectedly surprised by an invitation to a VIP waterfront function by a friend (That’s not The Whammy. Wait for it.)… Walk down to the water afterwards and WHAT??? As soon as we get to the water… FIREWORKS go off!!! See? BOOM!!

Not coincidence. Not magic. Not luck. 

It is The Whammy! 

All of the above were products of The Whammy!

Now here is the thing and I have to admit this.

I don’t plan for the suites. 

I didn’t plan on seeing the ad or renting the moped. 

I didn’t pay the patrons at the restaurant to sing to us.

I had no idea that there were going to be fireworks on the river. 

I cannot control when Whammies happen. I can’t make them happen at will.

But they happen. 

The truth is that you can have this power too! All you have to do is pay attention to good things when they happen and then label them as a “Whammy”! Trust me, if you say it enough whenever something good happens, your parner will eventually come to believe that YOU too have this power.

You are quite welcome!

Since we were hanging out on this particular night for “Da Missus’ Pre Birthday Celebration Part. 1”, I knew that I was going to use The Whammy. I just didn’t know when. 

Well, these fireworks didn’t light themselves and no one said “Hey…Let’s wait riiiiight until they get to the water and then light them.”

The Whammy happened! The Whammy is real! 

So now you can quit asking yourselves, “Exactly WHAT has she been seeing in that guy for 25 years?” Now you know…

That boy might actually have powers!!

See? She believes.

Say it enough and your partner will too!

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