Your throwback road trip playlist

I don’t know about you, but after weeks of enforced at-home time I can’t wait to pack a bag and hit the road, or the airport, or the train station. Whatever method of transportation makes it easy to get away, that’s the one that works.

No matter where you’re travelling the choice of a great soundtrack makes it more memorable. This is especially true for road trips, when your music selection can be shared with your travel companions. One great option is a throwback playlist because you’ll all know the words and you’ll each remember where you were when.

Urban Upscale has created a Spotify throwback playlist especially for our audience. This combination of sing-along songs, dance anthems and hip hop gems will offer 3 hours of uninterrupted foot tapping (since you can’t actually dance and drive).

Now you can do this one of two ways. You can click the “page 2” link below and see the list of songs and artists included on the list. Or you can simply click the Spotify link below and trust us, which may be a bit more surprising and fun. Hmmm, red pill or blue pill. Which do you choose?

Either way, comment below with the names of any songs we should add. We’d love to update the list with your suggestions.

Click this link to open Spotify and view Urban Upscale’s playlist, THROWBACK ROAD TRIP.  Listen and enjoy!

Need to know what’s on the list? Click here to see the song titles.

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