Urban Upscale’s Top 5 Fall Cocktails with NO Pumpkin Spice


Leaves are changing colors. Kids of all ages are preparing to wear masks that have nothing to do with any virus. Sweaters and fire logs are being purchased and frozen margaritas have given way to hot toddies and other belly warming drinks. While being dedicated to providing information pertaining to health, career, education and “The Good Life”… 

Wellll…..we are also committed to sharing our extensive, “professional” database of aperitifs (aka dranks) with all of the people that we could imagine sitting next to on a barstool. This means you!

Stay warm. Stay safe. Most importantly…Stay away from pumpkin ANYTHING.

Upscale Apple –

Apple cider and bourbon are the primary bad actors in this glass. The sweet of cider combined with the spice of bourbon (Again…NOT pumpkin!) are the perfect companions for fireplaces, fire pits and bonfires. Below are the ingredients. We understand that some of you require more warming elements than others so we will leave the proportions out to allow you to figure out your own “comfort level”. 

Missus’ Mule –

Ok. We like apple. This very stubborn stalwart of ours offers the opportunity to add effervescence while lightening up the whole situation. Mules’ flavors are tricky to get right so the basic measurements are included with the following ingredients. A tweak here and a tweak there will certainly yield a perfect fall concoction. 

The Uppity –

Sometimes we just need to put in the work and then enjoy the rewards without anything being too easy (except for the sipping part). This delicious drink has a problem. It has the potential of just being too damn delicious! But that is the point isn’t it? There are a few more steps involved with preparing this November cocktail than making a screwdriver but we are certain that you will reap the rewards of a full workday (IF work = Making drinks).

Add all ingredients to an old fashioned glass with a large piece of ice. Stir thoroughly. Release the oils from the orange zest through a flaming wood pick over the surface of the drink and serve.

The Urban Legend –

The Urban Legend could easily be confused with a Whiskey Sour. Guess why? Because the Whiskey Sour is a legendary drink and that is essentially what this drink is! We have (literally) added our own Urban Upscale twist and then we have sent you on your way. Off you go…

The Kirkster –

Some things require no explanation. This will make your holidays!

(Our attorneys have advised us to make it clear that we are not responsible for family disputes or unexpected pregnancies resulting from the consumption of something that, clearly, not everyone can handle.)


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