Holiday Gift Ideas: #3

During 2020 each of us learned how to do more from home. From ordering dinner online to video calls with family across the country, we’re maximizing technology to maintain a semblance of normalcy. And although the latest news regarding coronavirus vaccines seems to offer a light at the end of the tunnel, those of us who are appropriately cautious are still planning to take precautions during the upcoming holiday season.

But that doesn’t mean your holiday gift-giving game has to suffer. Although you’re avoiding the malls this year, your holiday gifts can still be unique, thoughtful and memorable. The team at Urban Upscale is here for you. Over the next 30 days we’ll share unique gift ideas that will have your friends and family wondering how you came up with that idea. Each gift can be ordered online and shipped directly to the gift recipient, which means contactless gift giving just got an upgrade.

Ready to impress the ones you love? Check out Urban Upscale for a new gift idea for the next 30 days, and shop on.

Some of the gifts include affiliate links, which doesn’t impact your cost but our team may benefit from purchases.

30 Days of Gift Ideas for 2020: Gift Three

Sleep Sound Machine

Stress from work, unbelievable national news, homeschooling kids. It’s all enough to keep you up at night. Sometimes you just want to turn off your brain and drift off to sleep. This mini-sized white noise machine is just the answer. With sounds like thunder, ocean waves, lullaby music and other soothing background sounds, this attractive bedside system will drown out those sounds that keep you from a good night’s sleep. Nighty-night!

Click here to learn more about this great gift option.

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