Is it “Fabulous Ferndale?” or is it “Fashionable Ferndale?”

The answer is “YES!”

In the past decade or so, Ferndale, Michigan has emerged as one of Metropolitan Detroit’s premier destinations for excellent cuisine, eclectic watering holes, people watching and carousing in general. This town is chock full of restaurants, bars and shops from one end of the main drag to the other. Whether you have roots from Ireland, Mexico, China, Nigeria or even New Jersey or whether you are a business traveler looking for a decent meal on the fly, a family of four in town for a family reunion, a single looking to meet other singles or simply a married couple looking for an excellent date night… Ferndale has it all!

Located on the immediate northwestern border of Detroit, Ferndale is easy to locate and being right off of Woodward Avenue (The main thoroughfare of Detroit), it is a breeze to access without a maze of Waze “Turn left heres” and “Redirectings”. The “Main Street” of the city is Nine Mile Road. Along this bustling and exciting street you will find a bevy of restaurants that cater to every palate. Cajun, Italian, burgers and pizza, fine dining with white linen tablecloths and even an Ethiopian eatery are just some of the few businesses to fulfill any culinary desire. There are also bars. Boy oh boy there are bars!!! 

Bars and grills.

Swanky bars.

Irish pubs.

Bloody Mary bars.

Bars with oyster bars.

Bars inside of nightclubs.

Bars that cater to guys looking for girls.

Bars that cater to girls looking for girls.

Bars that cater to guys looking for guys.

Bars where nobody gives a good goddamn who is looking for what.

Bars for old married couples.

Bars for first dates.

Bars for….

Okay. You certainly get the point by now. You can throw your pet Capuchin monkey in the air and when it lands? Chances are that it will land in front of a bar! It will then be YOUR problem as to how you deal with your drunk monkey an hour later.

Oh! And then there are the shops! You can find anything from a vintage record store where you can find a Frank Sinatra album on WAX to a humidor that carries, literally, hundreds of different cigar brands.

We often land in Ferndale when we are on a date night, boys or girls night out or when one of us is searching for a specialty item but also want the excitement of people watching. 

Wait! What just happened here? Did we forget to mention the best part of Ferndale? Apologies. We did. The best part of Ferndale is the people and the watching of them. You will see anything from a hipster with blue hair and a green beard to a middle aged married couple all decked out in a tux and a formal gown. Ferndale is also widely known for its acceptance and tolerance of everyone!

And when we say “everyone”…

We recommend that “everyone” includes you.

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