This is NOT what Urban Upscale was built for…

This is NOT what we do.

Our intent with Urban Upscale is to create a destination that is an informational and entertaining site based on our education, experiences and hopefully sound advice. We do not offer opinions about politics nor do we editorialize on controversies. We want to be a source of happiness and edification. 

Being residents of this planet however, we feel that it would be irresponsible to not publish this since we now have the capacity to reach more than 26 people.

What has befallen the world is tragic. What has befallen our country is alarming. What has befallen each of us individually is, at times, unbearable.

We turn to CNN or MSNBC just hoping for a sliver of good news but it rarely is. There are reports of “surges” and death tolls and grim predictions of worse times ahead before things get better. We hear daily stories of the institutions that we have reliably counted on to save our lives not having enough equipment to save us this time. We also hear falsehoods from various sources. Even from elected officials. These falsehoods are detrimental to society as a whole. People are afraid and some instinctively look for a “miracle cure” or some special way to make them “immune” to this insidious virus. 

Nowhere are these falsehoods more prevalent than they are on social media and this is proven.

This site is designed to uplift, bring smiles and offer lifestyle advice and our articles are written by professional writers that come from a perspective of journalistic objectivity. But this time WE have to personally speak to YOU without the professional filters that we have been trained to employ. This has nothing to do with “The good life”. This had everything to do with, quite simply, life. Period. 

Misinformation is defined as incorrect information shared by a party or parties that legitimately believes something and shares this erroneous data. Disinformation is the intentional dissemination of false “facts” with the intent of misleading a large group of people. BOTH of these examples of false information and data are running rampant on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. If someone posts or shares an article that says “The earth is really flat.” then the reader can choose to believe it or not and it will not adversely affect a large group.

If someone posts or shares “Smoking cigarettes will actually improve your chances of not contracting coronavirus? People may die. And yes, this is an actual theory that has been floated to thousands of people via social media.

We implore you, whether you are seeking information because these times that we are in are truly terrifying and you simply want to not get sick and will try anything you read to stay healthy or if you are someone that is spreading wrong information to either help society or even to intentionally harm others, please stop doing both. Please.

Please vet your sources and be absolutely sure that there is verifiable science behind what you digest and what you disseminate.

Friends’ lives, family members’ lives and possibly your own life may hang in the balance. Please do not let your phone kill you.

Sincerely –

Your Friends at Urban Upscale

Here is proof that even the social media sites themselves recognize the danger posed by this issue and are all taking measures to correct this potentially deadly phenomenon:

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