20 essential cocktails–vodka and beyond

Believe it or not, summer is halfway over. And you’ve probably accomplished little or none of your typical summer entertaining, which is pretty difficult to do when you’re social distancing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the creativity and variety of a wonderful and well-crafted cocktail. Whether you’re having a quiet drink alone our hosting a small group of friends, a good drink list can quite literally be the life of the party.

As you consider the liquor selection in your home bar, it’s tempting to rely on your versatile vodkas as the base for your beverages. However, don’t overlook other solid performing alcohol options such as scotch, gin or tequila. “Cocktails made with scotch?” you say. That’s right. You’d be surprised at your drink options (and outcomes) when you have the right recipe.

Don’t believe it? Check out the list below and click the links to view the recipes. This is the only list you’ll need to create impressive cocktails–many of which are pretty quick and simple. From the classic to the creative, we’ve got you covered.

(Don’t see your go-to brand? Feel free to substitute your favorite liquor.)





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