The Ultimate Jazz Lover’s Playlist

Music is an irreplaceable part of the human experience. Not to be overly simplistic but everyone loves music. Right? It is as simple as the objective is in baseball….Hit the ball! Well, also not to be overly complicated but the reason for this is that music creates moods. Moods create memories. Memories, in the end, are all that we have. A song can get you ready for a flight. A song can get you motivated while getting dressed in the mirror before a “Boy’s/Girl’s night out”. A song can make the stress from your workday dissolve on your drive home with the windows open or top down. A song can actually be a huge part of falling in love. Music is, quite simply, a necessary part of life.

The above was the wind up.

Now here is the pitch…

There are many musical genres that can inspire each of the individual aforementioned feelings. But only jazz can cover all of them without changing Spotify stations. 

Jazz seems to be confusing to some. Some people listen and think “Why don’t they just play the right notes?” Oh poor babies. There are many of us that know that if you give it a chance, jazz can change your whole day. And more importantly, it can change your whole night (wink wink). Jazz is a genre but jazz has genres of its own! Big band, smooth, vocalist, trios, acid, jazztronica, standards and the list goes on.

Thank you for reading all of the above. All of that was just a writer’s need to write. Nothing can just be simply said by a writer. If we could do that then we would just talk to people instead of typing all the damn time. But who has the time to talk to people when it takes so much time to write? The point of this was just to give you a clickable list that proves my point regarding jazz. Below are twenty five of Urban Upscale’s favorite jazz cuts. This is almost two and a half hours of carefully chosen mood makers. Some will be familiar. Some will be a new experience for you but, hopefully one day, you will find yourself in your car on the way home from work or on the way to date night listening to something from this. So here comes the ball…

Now swing!

Swing baby! Swing!!!

And none the above ever sounded better than with these bad boys on!!!

(Click on pic for more info)

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