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Who doesn’t enjoy a great meal, a remarkable glass of wine, and good company. When you’re living the good life, dining, entertainment and travel are a big part of your world. Urban Upscale is excited to bring you information and tips to dine well, travel comfortably, and entertain with style.

But what about summer?

Is it time to travel yet? Summer trips are canceled. Business trips are being held via Zoom. Weddings are postponed. Family reunions are rescheduled for 2021.  2020 has thrown us for a loop, to put it mildly. But here we are, stuck in limbo. Case counts are decreasing. Death tolls are dropping. But will it […]

Vodka showdown, part 2

In our last vodka taste test, we compared Tito’s, Grey Goose, Stolichnaya and Ketel One. The results may have been predictable to some depending on your personal taste. We couldn’t wait to conduct part 2. Any guesses as to which brand won? The brands. For this latest vodka taste test we included Absolut, Belvedere, Ciroc […]

Your throwback road trip playlist

No matter where you’re travelling the choice of a great soundtrack makes it more memorable. This is especially true for road trips. Urban Upscale has created a Spotify throwback playlist especially for our audience. Click and enjoy!

Your best cookout menu

As we ease into summer and enjoy more time outside, the thought of cooking out is pretty appealing. That is, until you think about the work involved. While your guests are enjoying adult beverages on your back deck, you’re getting your steps in with multiple trips to the kitchen to prep food for the grill. […]

All Hands on Deck

Let’s face it. This summer will not be one of carousing at a crowded bar while sipping a colorful aperitif right next to an affable stranger. But do not fret. You can have that beautiful yellow, red or even blue eye catching, yet still intoxicating cocktail. On your deck! All that you require are the […]

The Summer Question: Gas vs Charcoal

There are the sounds right now. Birds are singing in the mornings. The drone of lawns being mowed permeates the afternoons. There are also the sights right now. Couples tooling around town in convertibles with their tops down. My kids in tank tops and their caramel brown skin that is soon to be chocolaty as […]

Vodka showdown, part 1

“Ketel One and tonic, extra lime.” That’s my usual drink order. Ketel One is my favorite vodka and has been for years. The first time I tried it was at a Ketel One tasting event and I was surprised by how smooth it was. Smooth enough to drink straight, which is not at all my […]

What’s the deal with TikTok?

So I have to admit it. I was against TikTok. The last thing I needed was yet another video platform to show me useless information created by people that have too much time on their hands. Then the lockdown happened. “Stay home, stay safe” was the right thing to do, but after 4 weeks at […]

Purchasing a little peace of mind

With all of us being as safe as we can be during these trying times, a lockdown or “Shelter in place” order can get pretty old pretty quick. There are times when we feel like a walk around the subdivision or a bike ride in a park just doesn’t last long enough and before we […]

“Second” City. Really?

Anyone that has visited both Chicago and New York City for reasons other than business knows that the term “Second City” is a nickname that is very apropos. New York is undeniably one the the world’s urban marvels. But if you have been to Chicago, like REALLY been to Chicago, then you might often wonder […]

Is it “Fabulous Ferndale?” or is it “Fashionable Ferndale?”

The answer is “YES!” In the past decade or so, Ferndale, Michigan has emerged as one of Metropolitan Detroit’s premier destinations for excellent cuisine, eclectic watering holes, people watching and carousing in general. This town is chock full of restaurants, bars and shops from one end of the main drag to the other. Whether you […]

Quarantine Schmuarantine! Paris Edition

We are all light years from the last or the next time that we will hop on or have hopped on an international flight, it seems. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t find ways to remember our special trips or eventually plan for one once this fog is lifted.  Here is a way that […]

The Bloodiest.

A cocktail that offers the opportunity to include literally a hundred different ingredients, has as many different tastes and hues, is always refreshing and intoxicating and also gives you your daily recommended supply of numerous vitamins? There is only one. The Bloody Mary. Here we will explore what makes a good Bloody Mary a good […]

The whitest party you’ll ever attend: Diner en Blanc

The story goes that Frenchman François Pasquier hosted the first Diner en Blanc in 1988, when he invited friends to meet at a Paris park for an elegant outdoor dinner. He asked them to wear all white so those who didn’t know one another would recognize that they were part of the same group. Now, […]

How to visit New Orleans in style

Being the parents of two incredible–and incredibly busy–teenage girls, we’ve learned that vacation time for mom and dad is extremely precious. We love our alone time, but we also love being with our daughters, so we need to make every moment count. When we think about where we can go to have our “us time”, […]

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