2020 Holiday Gifts #13

HydraPeak 32 oz Stainless Steel Bottle Yetis, Hydro Flasks and HydraPeaks have changed how we drink. Imagine filling up a bottle with orange juice and ice one night before bed. You wake the next day and in your typical hurried morning you leave for work but forget the OJ from the night before. You get […]

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2020 Holiday Gifts #12

Family Game Night In our house, we’ve probably played more board games and video games as a family than we have since our kids were pre-teens. After the first couple of months of quarantine, we were so over Monopoly, Yahtzee and Scrabble. It was time to get creative. Here are a couple of good options […]

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2020 Holiday Gifts #11

Portable Battery Charger Here’s a gift that really shows you care. If you have a college student living away from home, a senior parent who’s still driving or a friend with a long work commute, this portable battery charger can really come in handy. At less than 2 pounds and not quite 8 inches in […]

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2020 Holiday Gifts #10

Aromatherapy Diffuser & Humidifier As winter approaches we’re returning to the season of dry household heat. Here’s a gift idea that’s both functional and beautiful. This aromatherapy diffuser is also a humidifier, allowing you to add a bit of humidity to your environment in a variety of scents. It’s controlled electronically, compatible with Alexa and […]

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2020 Holiday Gifts #9

Keurig Coffee Maker I’ve been in love with Keurig coffee makers for years. Quick and convenient, my Keurig allows me to have a cup of hazelnut vanilla coffee while offering my guests a range of other flavored (or non-flavored) brews. The manufacturers of the K-cup pods is virtually endless, so there’s a wide range of […]

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2020 Holiday Gifts #8

plates with deep fried meat and french fries

Air fryers make a perfect gift, and this one does more than most.

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2020 Holiday Gifts #7

Cozy Weighted Blanket If you’ve never been under a weighted blanket, you’re definitely missing a treat. Imagine being embraced in a warm hug by the softest possible fabric. The gentle pressure of the blanket’s weight (from glass beads inside the blanket) is the perfect start to any nap or good night’s sleep. This blanket makes […]

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