Holiday Gifts #9

Keurig Coffee Maker

I’ve been in love with Keurig coffee makers for years. Quick and convenient, my Keurig allows me to have a cup of hazelnut vanilla coffee while offering my guests a range of other flavored (or non-flavored) brews. The manufacturers of the K-cup pods is virtually endless, so there’s a wide range of coffees to suit any coffee-lover’s palate.

This new slimline Keurig is a great space-saver. At less than 5 inches wide it can fit on almost any countertop or office desktop. The water reservoir allows you to make multiple cups without refilling, making 8 ounce, 10 ounce or 12 ounce cups.

And if you have a favorite coffee that (unlikely) doesn’t come in a K-cup you can purchase a reusable adapter that allows you to brew any ground coffee using the Keurig. This inexpensive Keurig filter opens the door to any type or brand of coffee you like.

Lastly, Keurig isn’t just for coffee. Beverage manufacturers has really branched out, offering hot chocolate, warm cider and other beverages.

If you’re the last person to get a Keurig coffee maker, or you know someone who would love to get one, now’s your chance.

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