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Holiday Gifts #8

Air Fryer (and more!)

We’d been hearing about air fryers for months before we decided to take a chance. After all, frying with air surely couldn’t result in tasty, crispy, delicious food. So we were totally wrong about that.

Air fryers are easy to use and because there’s virtually no oil the food is much healthier. My favorite is the “grilled” shrimp my husband makes, but that’s just one example. If you’re looking for food with a crispy coating that rivals your deep-fried guilty pleasures, air fryers allow you to enjoy without the guilt. And there are a ton of recipes online for a wide range on foods so you’ll never be bored.

One of the reasons we took so long to get on the air fryer bandwagon was that we didn’t need another kitchen gadget that only has one purpose. The key is to get a device that has several skills. This one grills and bakes, in addition to air frying. Another great gift from you!

Click here to learn more about this multitasking meal prepper.

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